Decoiling Equipment

DD 900- Drum Dereeler – Universal Feed

Designed for Stamper with mixture of Left-hand and Right-hand feed. The Universal Roll Feed can easily be rotated for straight feed or side feed.

Roll feed design to eliminate ‘Bounce’ effect when associated with press feeding which could cause stress and crimp materials as well as premature wear on tooling. The drum speed is synchronized by a contact-less sensor control. Precise settable back-loop tension control to accommodate different gauge of materials to be stamped.
With the adjustable arbor, the machine can accept most type of drum width. Most suitable for very tight floor space due to the direction of loading orientation.
Equipped with motorized lifting feature for ease of loading/ unloading and for constraint environment where other lifting apparatus are not accessible. Comes with splice joint detection and install within 0.5m from the press.


  • Universal feeding direction
  • Contact-less loop control
  • Long production run between material replenishment
  • Floor space saving
  • Motorized lifting feature
  • Set-able back-loop tension control
  • Pneumatic clamp of drum with multi-size arbor
  • Splice joint detection
  • Over-pull limit protection
  • Power-Off interlock protection
  • Speed gain control adjustment
  • Easy operation


  • Higher load and speed on request
  • With Straightener
  • Other voltage

Technical Data

Model DD 900
Drum diameter 560 - 900 mm
Drum width 240 - 330 mm
Line speed 0 - 25 m/min
Max load 750 kg
Strip width max 50 mm
Voltage single phase 220v/ 50hz