Decoiling Equipment

DS- Dual Swivel Decoiler

The Dual Swivel Decoiler are meant for high productivity by saving loading time while the active coil is running. Decoiling are slave by means of contact-less sensor or dancer arm control. Most suitable for strips that are thick and broad.
A safety foot-operated release lever disengage the latch for a fresh coil change-over. Finished stamped strips that needs a secondary process can also be apply by incorporating with a Paper Winder.
Incoperate with a Precision Straightener will make it a even compact unit which save floor space



  • One running, while another stand-by
  • Speed monitoring via contact-less sensor
  • High constant torque at very low speed even at maximum load
  • Forward/ Reverse rotation selectable
  • Over-pull limit protection
  • Power-Off interlock protection
  • Safety power cut-off when swivel to stand-by coil
  • Speed gain control adjustment
  • Easy operation
  • Best for thick and broad strips


  • Higher load and diameter on request
  • Non-motorized
  • Paper Winder for collection of interlayer paper
  • With Straightener -SLxxx
  • Loop control type - Ultrasonic
  • Other voltage
  • Roll feed to take-up coil slag

Technical Data

Model DS 100           DS 300           DS 500
Max coil diameter 800 mm        1000 mm        1200 mm
Rotation speed 0 - 30 rpm               0 - 21 rpm
Max load/ coil 100 kg           300 kg           500 kg
Expansion 280 - 520 mm
Max coil width 100 - 300 mm (to be specify)
Voltage single phase 220v 50/60hz
Option Straightener SL109, SL159