Decoiling Equipment

RD 1200-PW- Rim Drive with Paper Winder

Clean and neat construction ideal for processing  Lead-frame in clean-room environment. Design to suit stamped strips that’s required to undergo further process such as assembly or plating. It can handle up to 1200 mm size reel with loading capacity of 500 kg.
It comes with spool width guide and height adjustment which are quick and easy without any hand-tools needed. Paper take-up is also easily control via a variable torque motor.
The spool speed is automatically controlled to provide a smooth constant flow of material and accommodate the changing coil diameter synchronized by an analogue contact-less sensor. With easy positioning of roller and guide, this machine can handle most of the spool size and width in the market.


  • Spool speed via contact-less sensor control with speed gain control adjustment
  • Preset-able torque control for Paper Winder via potentiometer
  • Jog control for Fwd/ Rev
  • Quick and easy change of spool size and width
  • Floor space saving
  • Over-pull limit protection
  • Power-Off interlock protection
  • Material end detection


  • With Straightening Unit
  • Multiple spool construction on request
  • Ramp board for rolling down empty spool
  • Other voltage

Technical Data

Model RD1200-PW
Spool diameter 600 – 1200 mm
Spool width 100 - 240 mm
Rim linear speed 0 - 43 m/min
Max load 500 kg
Voltage single phase 220v/ 50hz