Auto Reeling Equipment

ATC 612- Auto Change Traverse Reeler

To handle stamped strips that wind into traverse reel as well as pancake reel. The strip is automatically inserted by means of lasso wire. The length of movement limits on the traverse unit can be easy set as well as the pitch length setting. After the preset value for the quantity of parts per reel is up, the strip is cut and the strip is automatically inserted onto an empty reel. There is no need to stop the press.

It comes with a high speed programmable counter and a special part count sensor. When running pancake reel, the traverse unit is keep stationary at a position and use with interlayer paper, paper tensioning device and paper tear detector.

The speed is automatically controlled via contact-less programmable sensor tower. It can take up to any demanding speed and easy to use.


  • Contact-less loop control via Sensor Tower
  • Speed programmable
  • Automatic reel change by lasso wire
  • Magnetic Paper Tensioning Device with Paper Tear Monitoring
  • Parts counter and sensor
  • Over-pull limit protection
  • Frequency inverter controlled
  • Power-Off interlock protection


  • Insertion without lasso wire
  • Automatic insertion of layer paper
  • Other reel size and width on request

Technical Data

Model ATC 612
Reel diameter 250 - 610 mm
Max strip width 35 mm
Traverse width 250 mm
Max load/ reel 30 kg
Linear speed 0 - 25 m/min
No. of strip single
No. of reel 2
Air supply 6 bar
Voltage single phase 200/220v 50/60hz