Auto Reeling Equipment

SW 653 BE- Fully-Auto Single-Track Winder

The strip feeding and the reel change is effected automatically. The adjustment of the guide beads and the transport wheel will be effected  without any tool, with only one handhold. Turning winding axes avoid abrasion at the reels.

The press runs continuous, without any stop when changing the reel. Reduction of time up to 100 %. Winding of strips with paper interleaf. The paper strip is automatically be fixed at the next reel core.

Automatic ejection of one sample part for control for each reel change. With hot-glueing system, Siemens Micro-processor-control including error indication. A text indication signs eventually occuring errors and shows the correspondent operating mode.

Material accumulator with integrated linear potentiometer for speed control. Pre-programmable part counter. Winding direction from left or from right possible.


  • Loop control via linear potentiometer with accumulator
  • Programmable electromagnetic paper tension with paper tear monitoring
  • Fault diagnostic in clear text display
  • User friendly programmable parameter setting
  • Automatic threading of material
  • Self-contained counting sensor
  • Auto-cutting of material at set quantity
  • Eject sample strip at controlled length
  • Automatic sticking of paper to reel core by hot-glueing device
  • Automatic loading and unloading of reels
  • Siemens SPS with OP15


  • Labelling Unit
  • Auto Cross Taping
  • Paper End Auto-Joint feature

Technical Data

Model SW 653 BE
Max reel dia 640 mm
Max reel width 75 mm
Max paper dia 400 mm (others on request)
Linear speed 0 - 25 m/min
No. of strip single
No. of reel 20 (based on 37.5 mm reel width)
Winding direction please indicate upon order
Reel change time 4-8 sec
Air supply 6 bar
Voltage 3 phase 400v 50/60hz +N, E
Color RAL 6026/ 6028 Green texture
Weight 1000 kg
Dim (LxWxH) 1700 x 1600 x 2400 mm