Strip Welder

RBX- Raw Strip Welder

  • Non-stop production
  • Highest accuracy of the welding point
  • Best flexural resistance and strength of the joint point
  • Reproducible adjusting parameters
  • Higher production capacity
  • Fully automatic, just place and pick-up when finished
  • Automatic height adjustment of electrode
  • Step-less adjustment from 75 to 90° of the welding point
  • Constant strip thickness by roll bearing for flattening after welding
  • Data set for 100 production programs
  • Siemens S7 controller
  • Exhaust suction for waste gas
  • Protection strip all round
  • Gas bottle holder for 10 or 20 litre bottles
  • Easy operation with color touch screen control
  • Completely mobile
  • Design in accordance to latest DIN and VDE regulation
  • Built-in electrode grinding unit
  • Addition 50 data memory