Simple Reeling Equipment

MR 722 - Double Manual Reeler

To handle delicate stamped strips. Popular in electronic stamped parts like LED, Lead-frame, Contacts and terminals. With its simple design, the machine can wind all different types of stamped parts and are straight-forward to use. It comes with interlayer paper feature and tensioning devices and paper tear detector.

The speed is automatically controlled via individual infra-red sensor. It can also accept larger reel diameter by staggering the reel. With the optional adjustable magnetic tensioning device, winding the most ultra-delicate parts is a breeze.

Two reels are wind simultaneously with individual controls and can be wind with combination for forward and reverse winding direction.


  • Contact-less loop control via infra-red sensor
  • Adjustable rod type paper tension with paper tear detector
  • Forward and Reverse rotation
  • Over-pull limit protection
  • Frequency inverter controlled
  • Speed regulation


  • Joint detector for reel to reel plating
  • Part counting feature
  • Winding without interlayer paper
  • Magnetic Paper Tensioning device
  • Other reel size and width on request

Technical Data

Model MR 722
Max Reel OD. 750 mm
Max strip width 75 mm
Max load/ reel 50 kg
Winding speed 0 - 30 rpm
No. of strip double
No. of reel 2
Voltage Single phase 230v 50/60hz