Loose Parts Handler

BX 166-3- Auto Box Changer - 3 Output

To handle loose parts from molding and stamping machine. Once the preset count quantity is up, an empty box will be automatically shifted in for fresh filling. The box changer is equipped with a programmable text display which allows parameter setting as well as faults diagnosis. Features like setting of production quantity, batch quantity, shutter operation, conveyor interlocking and special control for evenly distribution of parts to prevent built-up on the same spot.

The filled boxes are neatly stack up automatically and the process machine can be stop after completion of the full production. Best for un-manned operation during the night shift. Other box size and loading capacity can be customize upon request.


  • Automatic unloading of empty box with magazine up to 10 boxes or more
  • Automatic shut-off falling parts when box being change - no stopping of processing machine
  • Automatic stacking up the full box up to 10 boxes or more
  • Pre-settable counters for production , batch and other counting controls
  • Programmable terminal for parameter setting
  • Clear text display with fault diagnostic
  • Types of interlocking operation
  • Design in accordance to CE regulation


  • Other box size and load upon request
  • Even distribution device
  • Part rejection device
  • Light-barrier counting sensor

Technical Data

Box size 166 x 166 x 102 (Customized)
No. of stack boxes 10 x 3 row
Max stackable load 80 kg
Count pulse signal External
Voltage Single phase 200/220v 50/60hz