Loose Parts Handler

BI 6- Bin Indexer

To handle loose parts from molding and stamping machine. Once the preset count quantity is up, the bin will index to the next position automatically for fresh filling. The bin indexer is equipped with a programmable counter and option timer.

Come standard with 6 easy  to lift bin of selectable depth. Other bin size, no. of bin and loading capacity are available upon request.


  • Automatic indexing when preset counter count-up, signal via external mean (such as press machine’s stroke).
  • 6 easy to lift stainless steel bin.
  • Preset-table easy to program electronic counter.
  • Small and compact, requires only a small space.


  • Other bin size and load upon request
  • 4 or 8 bins construction
  • Part rejection device
  • Light-barrier counting sensor
  • Stand with castor

Technical Data

Model BI-6
Bin depth 100, 150, 200 mm
No. of index/rev 6
Max load 20 kg
Count pulse signal External
Voltage Single phase 230v 50/60hz