Auto Reeling Equipment

ARS 824- 1 + 2 Strips Auto Change Reeler

The machine can take either single or double strips at the same time. Both has its own independent controls. Selection of parameter, easily convert into 1x4 operation or 2x2 operation. At any times the completed reels can be unload while the press is still running.

The modular design are best for customize requirements where more reels could be configured. The threading of the stamped strip and reel change are fully automatic. Intelligent features allows you to have full control over the process of winding the stamped strip. This is done by a user-friendly programmable Touch Panel under Parts Library. Faults diagnostic automatically display the precise fault within second.

With the magnetic tensioning device, handling the most ultra-delicate parts is a breeze. Speed control via contact-less sensor with sample cut, individual built-in counter and fork-barrier sensor. Best for unmanned operation if more reels is configured.


  • Single or Double strips operation selectable
  • Contact-less loop control via IR sensor
  • Adjustable magnetic paper tension with paper tear monitoring
  • Touch panel with fault diagnostic messages
  • User friendly programmable parameter setting under part library
  • Feed height adjustment for under forming strips
  • Self-contained counting sensor
  • Instant loading and unloading
  • Eject multiple sample strips at controlled length
  • Step movement of chute for quality reeling
  • Automatic reel change
  • Speed regulation


  • Joint detector for reel to reel plating
  • Additional standby reels (up to 10 reels)
  • Other reel size and width on request

Technical Data

Model ARS 814/6/8             ARS 824/6/8
Max Reel OD. 800 mm
Max strip width 50 mm
Max load/ reel 30 kg
Winding speed 0 - 25 m/min
No. of strip 1                            1 & 2
No. of reel 4, 6, 8
Air supply 6 bar
Voltage single phase 220v 50/60hz