Auto Reeling Equipment

LW 404- Layer Winder

  •  New version: with S7 control unit, length measuring and Touch-Screen Panel and Asi-Bus.
  • Four spindle layer winding machine, paper interleaving, packaging and taping, automatic indexing and product feeding without stopping of the press.
  • Four driving spindles mounted to rotation disc, each with special ''butterfly'' clamps for gripping of product strip during feeding.
  • With integral material accumulator with adjustable weight for control of tension to strip.
  • With pendant mounted control box incorporating all programming functions and fault indication.
  • Tangent winding features to reduces bend in the final product strip.
  • Winding speed control via linear potentiometer on material accumulator.
  • Programming of the interleaf paper is possible on every layer, every alternate layer or with no interleaf at all.
  • Counting of the parts by built-in fork sensor or press count signal
  • Improved paper knife cutting unit with easy access for maintenance.
  • Programmable packaging unit to fully cover the product strip or to leave a small inspection sample showing.
  • With NC - traversing control via Touch-Screen