Reel to Reel Plating

MD 824- Double Dereeler with Paper Winder

Designed specially for reel to reel plating and secondary operation of stamped strips. One reel running and another standby. Individual paper take-up for each reel with adjustable magnetic tensioning device. Programmable speed setting for each contact-less sensing device to control material loop. Most suitable for long pitch feeding process.

Able to handle ferrous and non-ferrous strip in raw or finished especially those that are very sensitive to handle. Option for conversion to dual usage which can be use as reeling or take-up  are also available upon request.


  • Double strips in one construction
  • Contact-less loop control via sensors
  • Magnetic Paper Winder to wind up interlayer paper with torque control
  • Forward and Reverse rotation
  • Foot pedal selection to active reel
  • Programmable speed setting for individual sensors


  • Part counting feature (reeling only)
  • Dual usage for reeling and dereeling
  • Double and multiple strips (see catalogue)
  • With accumulator
  • Other reel size and width on request

Technical Data

Model MD 824
Max reel OD. 750 mm
Max strip width 50 mm
Max load/ reel 30 kg
Line speed 0 - 25 m/min
No. of strip double
No. of reel 4
Paper winder 4
Voltage Single phase 200/220v 50/60hz