Reel to Reel Plating

HR 812- Double Horizontal Reeler

Horizontal winding so that the carrier strip is always resting on the bottom side of the winding flange. No unnecessary abrasions to the actual use stamped parts.
Due to the design, the machine is very suitable for parts that are very narrow and with stepped forming where normal vertical winders cannot achieve the required winding quality. It comes with interlayer paper and magnetic tensioning device with paper tear monitoring.

Single strip operation. The inlet can be swivel and best suit for congested floor space.
The speed is also automatically controlled via contact-less sensor and over-pull protection.


  • Contact-less loop control via infra-red sensor
  • Magnetic Paper Tensioning device with paper tear monitoring
  • Forward and Reverse rotation
  • Over-pull limit protection
  • Horizontal winding
  • Frequency inverter controlled
  • Speed regulation


  • Part counting feature
  • Winding without interlayer paper
  • Other reel size and width on request

Technical Data

Model HR 812
Max Reel OD. 900 mm
Max strip width 60 mm
Max load/ reel 30 kg
Winding speed 0 - 30 rpm
No. of strip single
No. of reel 2
Voltage single phase 220v/ 50hz