Reel to Reel Plating

MDC 824- Double Dereeler with Rivet Join

Designed specially for reel to reel plating line. The machine can take up 2 strips at the same time. Both 2 fold has its own independent controls which means the machine can operates for different type of strips at different speed. At any times the completed reels can be unload while the process machine is still running. 

The joining of the stamped strips are by riveting and reel change are automatic. There is no need to stop the process machine. Come with optional ACCUMULATOR.


  • Motorized de-reeling
  • Join at pitch length by rivets (set-table)
  • Automatic reel change
  • Strip end detection
  • Interlayer Paper take-up
  • Forward/ Reverse rotation
  • Tension or loop de-reeling selectable
  • Speed regulation


  • With Accumulator
  • Other reel size and width

Technical Data

model MDC 824
Max Reel OD. 800 mm
Max strip width 50 mm
Max load/ reel 30 kg
Line speed 0 - 15 m/min
No. of strip 2
No. of reel 4
Air supply 6 bar
Voltage single phase 220v 50/60hz