Decoiling Equipment

PL - Pallet Dereeler

Spend less time adjusting, more time stamping. Automatic speed range control to any demanding speed. Whole stack of strips can be loaded up to 1 m stack height. 

Table speed is automatically controlled to provide a constant smooth flow of material and accommodate the changing coil diameter. Pendulum loop arm and counter-balance weight adjustment provide natural flow with just the right amount of loop back tension for different material gauges.


  • Full stack height of material loading
  • Speed monitoring via contact-less sensor
  • High constant torque at very low speed even at maximum load
  • Left-hand/ Right-hand feed selectable
  • Forward/ Reverse rotation selectable
  • Over-pull limit protection
  • Power-Off interlock protection
  • Hold-down bar for very narrow strip
  • Speed gain control adjustment
  • Easy operation
  • Best for soft and narrow strips


  • Higher load and diameter on request
  • PU coating on roller
  • Paper Winder for collection of interlayer paper
  • With Straightener
  • Bounce-less control type
  • Other voltage

Technical Data

Model PL 920                            PL1200
Table diameter 920 mm                          1200 mm
Table speed 0 - 40 rpm                       0 - 28 rpm
Max load 1000 kg                           2000 kg
Strip thickness 0.1 - 1.2 mm
Strip width max 140 mm(depending on thickness)
Drive 0.75 Kw                            1.5 Kw
Voltage single phase 200/220v 50/60hz