Decoiling Equipment

PLS- Pallet Dereeler with Roll Feed

No more ‘Bounce’ effect when associated with press feeding which could cause stress and crimp materials as well as premature wear on tooling. The design eliminates the use of dancer roller which commonly use in horizontal de-coiling.
Turntable speed is automatically controlled to provide a distortion-free flow of stock and accommodate the changing coil diameter. Contact-less loop control virtually enhances the most delicate strip to be stamped.
Easy set-able wear-free tension clutch provides natural stock flow with just the right amount of back loop tension for different material gauges. Eliminates all counter-balance adjustments which varies from operators to operators.


  • No ‘Bounce’ effect
  • Full stack height of material loading
  • Speed monitoring via contact-less sensor
  • High constant torque at very low speed even at maximum load
  • Back loop tension control
  • Forward/ Reverse rotation selectable
  • Over-pull limit protection
  • Power-Off interlock protection
  • Speed gain control adjustment
  • Easy operation
  • Best for soft and delicate strips


  • Higher load and diameter on request
  • Paper Winder for collection of interlayer paper
  • With Straightener
  • Other voltage

Technical Data

Model PLS 920                        PLS 1200
Table diameter 920 mm                        1200 mm
Table speed 0 - 40 rpm                     0 - 28 rpm
Max load 1000 kg                         2000 kg
Strip thickness 0.1 - 0.6 mm
Strip width max 70 mm    
Voltage Single phase 200/220v 50/60hz